Tour de France 1904

Datum: 23-07-1904
Distanz: 2429 km
Wertung - Straße - Gesamtwertung
Start:Montgeron (Ile-de-France), France
Ziel: Paris (Ile-de-France), France


1Henri Cornet FRA in 96h 05m 55s
2Jean-Baptiste Dortignacq FRA auf02h 16m 14s
3Aloïs Catteau BEL auf09h 01m 25s
4Jean Dargassies FRA auf13h 04m 30s
5Julien Maîtron FRA auf19h 06m 15s
6Auguste Daumain FRA auf22h 44m 36s
7Louis Colsaet FRA auf23h 44m 20s
8Achille Colas FRA auf25h 09m 50s
9René Saget FRA auf25h 55m 16s
10Gustave Drioul BEL auf30h 54m 49s
11Henri Paret FRA auf32h 18m 39s
12Auguste Gauthier FRA auf33h 14m 02s
13Auguste Rist FRA auf35h 01m 20s
14Nicolas Damelincourt FRA auf48h 39m 03s
15Antoine De Flotrière FRA auf01h 28m 52s
The 1904 Tour de France was the second Tour de France, held from 2 to 24 July. With a route similar to its previous edition, 1903 Tour de France winner Maurice Garin seemed to have repeated his win by a small margin over Lucien Pothier, while Hippolyte Aucouturier won four of the six stages. But the race became a victim of its own success, plagued by scandals; cyclists were accused of having taken trains during the race. Twelve cyclists, including the first four of the final classification and all stage winners, were disqualified by the Union Vélocipédique Française (UVF). Henri Cornet, originally the fifth-place finisher, was awarded the victory four months after the race. The problems caused the Tour de France to be provisionally cancelled, and subsequently the 1905 Tour de France was run with different rules from the 1903 and 1904 edition. (See individual stage pages for more memo's on the 1904 Tour de France)
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